Gayoo, what's that?

Gayoo is the label for gay-friendly brands, brands and services. Each labelled partner commits to respect the Gayoo gay-friendly charter which ensures a warm welcome, without prejudice or discrimination, to gay people (LGBTQI+). This charter applies to both customers and employees of each partner.

Are Gayoo-labelled retailers and professionals themselves gay (LGBTQI+)?

No, not necessarily. Each of our partners is gay-friendly, i.e. they behave in a caring, tolerant and respectful manner and in a position of acceptance and understanding towards gay people (LGBTQI+), without this one being so itself.

Why and for whom is a directory of addresses labelled gay-friendly?

The Gayoo label includes in its directories all gay-friendly brands, retailers and services. This directory is for all gay people (LGBTQI+) who are looking for services and businesses that ensure a warm and unbiased welcome. The directory also concerns people for whom the values of openness and respect for differences are important in their choice of consumption.

How does the Gayoo label ensure that Gayoo-labelled shops or services are truly gay-friendly?

Gayoo labelled partners are neither chosen by chance nor simply referenced for payment as in most directories. To be included in our directory, each partner commits to respect a series of rules set out in our charter. Through this membership, the partner asserts itself as being gay-friendly towards both its customers and its employees.

How to report a bad customer experience to Gayoo?

You can directly use our contact form

How can I recognize a Gayoo labelled business or service?

The easiest way is to search in our directory, either directly via the web or on your smartphone. If you do not have access to the website, you will still be able to recognize our partners via our sticker.

How do I register my business or activity in the Gayoo directory?

You can directly use our contact form.

A gay-friendly address directory, isn't there a risk of a communitarian attitude?

Not at all! Gayoo’s approach is precisely the opposite. Indeed, our philosophy is not to list exclusively gay partners (LGBTQI+) to offer them to the gay community (LGBTQI+). Our objective is to identify and promote as many partners as possible who offer “common” or “everyday” and “off-community” products and services and who are attentive to respecting differences. An asset for the banalization of gay people (LGBTQI+) in society.